Why do some people get jobs easily, and others struggle for extended periods of time? While there might be various reasons for that, some of the time it simply comes down to best personality fit. Outside of education, employment history, and technical skills, employers like to find people they can simply enjoy working with.

I spent 10 years in corporate recruiting working with candidates. In working for high caliber employers, there were a select few candidates who truly stood out to me, the hiring manager, and the other decision makers at the company. 

Every part of their interview process was nothing short of “perfect.” They were a pleasure to work with, and hiring managers were raving about how much they loved them. It was an easy “yes” from everyone involved. 

What I learned in my subsequent coaching career is that I can teach job seekers to act and behave more like these desirable candidates and secure jobs more effectively. 

At the very least, one can learn about what the traits employers are looking for and , enhancing the likelihood of a more favorable interview process and, ultimately, securing that sought-after offer. 

Here are the 5 traits of highly desirable job candidates (from the eyes of a former Fortune 500 recruiter):

Quick & Efficient

I absolutely adored candidates who were  quick to respond to emails, promptly confirmed interview dates, sent timely post-interview Thank You emails, and promptly responded to offers. 

Given how recruiting needs to move and the urgency to fill positions at most companies, that promptness is incredibly appreciated. Showing diligence in checking emails, replying promptly, and efficiently finalizing job requisitions resonates deeply with recruiters and expedites the entire process.


These candidates provided multiple options for interview or call dates. If the suggested dates didn’t work, they were gracious about proposing alternatives. 

This flexibility reduces the back-and-forth, saving everyone time, which is greatly appreciated in the recruitment process.

Positive Energy

These candidates radiated positivity in their interactions with recruiters, hiring managers, and all parties they engaged with. 

Despite potential setbacks in their job search, they entered each interview with a fresh perspective, leaving past challenges behind. Their hopeful and upbeat demeanor translated into narratives that framed experiences as valuable learning opportunities rather than unfortunate incidents. 

It’s suggested to do everything one can to get into a positive headspace before engaging with employers – even if you temporarily have to “pretend”.


Projecting confidence is a highly desirable trait. Whether you’re naturally confident or it’s a case of “fake it till you make it,” confidence can significantly impact the interview process. 

We can all pick up on subtle cues of confidence, such as your phone etiquette, email communication, and interview conduct. All of this can distinguish you as a desirable candidate. These nuances often make the difference between receiving an offer and not progressing further.


It’s a given, but a friendly personality is a trait sought after in future co-workers. Strive to provide friendly interactions throughout your job search. You’ll be amazed at how this simple act can impact your candidacy and improve your overall interview experience.

Remember, each of these traits carries weight in your job search. By incorporating these characteristics, you’ll set yourself apart as a candidate that recruiters can’t help but notice. 

Find ways to add some of these into your interactions with recruiters, hiring managers and everyone on the hiring team. Little gestures can hold a lot of weight when added together. 

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