As infertility is on the rise (1 in 8 women needing some form of fertility treatment), companies that recognize the need to support their female employees family building efforts have become increasingly popular. One round of IVF can cost upwards of 25K and with women often needing more than one round, companies that can cover these costs can be very desirable.

By offering fertility benefits as part of their comprehensive employee packages, these companies not only promote work-life balance, but also demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ personal and family goals.

list of companies that offer fertility benefits 2024

The Importance of Fertility Benefits

IVF takes a toll on women, both emotionally, physically and financially. Having the cost not be a burden can take a lot of stress off women, so having a fertility perk can be very alluring to women who need the coverage.

IVF coverage is often not covered by insurance, so women have had to use their savings, get part time jobs, and sell their homes just to build their families.

Remote Companies that Offer Fertility Coverage

Several companies offer fertility coverage as part of their employee benefits package. The best part is many of them are remote.

Here’s a list of companies that offer fertility and IVF benefits:

1. Starbucks

Starbucks stands out as a leading example in offering fertility benefits. The coffee giant provides comprehensive IVF coverage, including fertility treatments, medications, and consultations. Starbucks’ commitment to its employees’ well-being is a testament to its progressive and inclusive workplace culture.

Here’s more information on Starbucks Family Expansion Reimbursement Assistance.

2. Asana

Asana, a project management software company, prioritizes employee health and wellness. The company offers a fertility benefits program that covers a range of services, including fertility consultations, diagnostic tests, and treatments. Asana also provides coverage for fertility medications and offers support for fertility preservation.

See all open roles at Asana.

3. Evernote

Evernote, a note-taking and productivity application, understands the importance of supporting employees’ family-building goals. The company offers fertility benefits that include coverage for fertility treatments like IVF. Evernote’s benefits also extend to coverage for fertility medications and diagnostic procedures, making it easier for employees to pursue their reproductive health needs.

You can check out open jobs and benefit coverage at Evernote here.

4. Spotify

Spotify has consistently led the way in providing fertility benefits in the workplace. The company offers an allowance for IVF and other fertility treatments, providing unlimited fertility benefits for as long as an employee remains with the company. The benefit offered is currently Unlimited IVF cycles and PGT testing.

Find jobs at Spotify here.

5. Glossier

Glossier, a beauty and skincare company, recognizes the importance of fertility support for its employees. The company offers fertility benefits that include coverage for fertility treatments and medications and also 18 weeks of parental leave for all parents. Glossier’s commitment to employee well-being extends to providing comprehensive support for employees on their fertility journey.

Explore Glossier’s career page and open jobs here.

6. American Express

American Express offers comprehensive reimbursement for adoption, surrogacy, and fertility treatments, alongside a generous 20-week paid parental leave policy.

Here are the details:

  • Up to $35,000 for adoption or surrogacy expenses
  • Up to $35,000 for reproductive and fertility treatments
  • Up to $30,000 for IVF treatments

This robust support package highlights American Express’s commitment to helping employees build and support their families.

Explore American Express Careers here.

7. ClassPass

The fitness membership platform provides IVF coverage as part of its employee benefits, supporting employees’ reproductive health.

Check out roles offered at ClassPass.

8. Zillow

The real estate and rental marketplace company offers generous IVF coverage, including fertility consultations, treatments, and medication assistance.

Search for jobs at Zillow here.

9. Etsy

The e-commerce platform supports its employees’ fertility journeys by providing coverage for IVF treatments and medications.

Check for open roles at Etsy here.

10. Vimeo

The video hosting platform includes IVF coverage in its employee benefits, ensuring employees have access to fertility treatments.

Browse all open roles at Vimeo.

11. Everlane

This clothing retailer offers fertility benefits, including coverage for IVF treatments, to support its employees’ family-building goals.

Search for jobs at Everlane.

12. Rent the Runway

The fashion rental company provides IVF coverage as part of its employee benefits package, emphasizing its commitment to employee well-being.

Here are careers at Rent the Runway.

13. Thrive Market

This online grocery store offers IVF coverage, ensuring that employees have access to fertility treatments and necessary support.

Join the team at Thrive Market.

14. Outdoor Voices

The activewear brand includes IVF coverage in its employee benefits, demonstrating its commitment to supporting employees’ fertility journeys.

Here are open roles at Outdoor Voices.

15. Stitch Fix

This online personal styling service offers IVF coverage to employees, recognizing the importance of fertility support in their overall well-being.

Learn about Stitch Fix and their open roles here.

16. Away

The travel and lifestyle brand includes IVF coverage in its employee benefits, providing employees with resources to navigate their fertility journey.

Learn more about the perks & benefits at Away.

17. Allbirds

The sustainable footwear company provides IVF coverage as part of its employee benefits, ensuring that employees have access to fertility treatments and support.

Explore Allbirds Careers here.

18. Gusto

This HR and payroll platform includes IVF coverage in its employee benefits package, prioritizing the reproductive health and well-being of its employees.

Learn about the fertility benefits at Gusto.

19. Walmart

Walmart, one of the largest retail corporations in the world, is renowned for its commitment to employee well-being. Recognizing the diverse needs of its workforce, Walmart offers comprehensive fertility benefits as part of its employee packages. This includes coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, diagnostic tests, consultations, and related fertility medications.

Learn about Walmarts career paths here.

20. Google

A global leader in technology and innovation, is also a trailblazer when it comes to employee benefits. Understanding the importance of supporting its workforce’s personal and family aspirations, Google offers robust fertility benefits as part of its comprehensive health packages.

Learn more about Google jobs here.

Providing fertility benefits into employee packages is a forward-thinking approach that helps companies attract and retain top talent.

By supporting employees’ reproductive health and family-building goals, organizations not only promote a healthier work-life balance, but also foster a positive and inclusive work environment. As more companies recognize the importance of fertility benefits, employees can expect to see increased support for their personal and professional aspirations.

For companies striving to stand out in a competitive job market, offering comprehensive fertility benefits can make a significant difference. It demonstrates a commitment to the holistic well-being of employees, promoting a culture of inclusivity and support that can lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Final Thoughts

As the importance of work-life balance and comprehensive health benefits grows, more companies are expected to follow the lead of those already offering robust fertility benefits. This trend not only enhances the quality of life for employees but also positions these companies as desirable places to work, capable of attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

The investment in fertility benefits is a testament to an organization’s dedication to its employees’ long-term well-being, both personally and professionally.

For employees, understanding the fertility benefits offered by potential employers can be a crucial factor in career decisions. It’s beneficial to research and inquire about the specific fertility benefits available, especially in states where coverage is not mandated. By doing so, employees can ensure they are choosing an employer that values and supports their personal and family goals.

The inclusion of fertility benefits in employee packages is more than just a perk; it’s a reflection of a company’s commitment to its workforce.

As more companies adopt these benefits, the workplace becomes a more supportive and inclusive environment for all employees, ultimately leading to a more satisfied and productive workforce.