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I’m not just a resume
writer or career coach.

My name’s Irina.

I understand the deep intricacies and psychology of the hiring process. I know what makes a polished candidate that every company is looking for.

I’ve done full-cycle recruiting, which includes writing job descriptions, posting jobs, sorting through thousands of resumes inside the ATS, sourcing for candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter, preparing candidates for interviews, hosting job fairs, conducting phone/video/in person interviews, working with hiring managers, negotiating offers, and negotiating offers.

Why is this important? I keep all of this in mind every time I work with a client.

Most resume writers only have a certification and none of this experience, and your resume will reflect that.

When you work with me, you’re not just getting a resume, you’re getting 10+ years of hiring experience—someone who’s been in the position to hire and select candidates for the final offer at top companies.

I know how to position you to be a top candidate and save you months of searching for your next role.

The Official Bio


After graduating from Fordham University in NYC, Irina dedicated over a decade to recruiting for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and ADP, as well as prominent startups like Investopedia.

Throughout her career, she has reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted just as many interviews, collaborating with discerning hiring managers and navigating rigorous hiring practices.

In 2007, Irina founded Resumeology to support job seekers who might not have received the guidance they needed in a fast-paced recruiting environment.

She is passionate about career development and professional branding, and she stays up to date on industry trends by maintaining strong connections with recruiters and hiring managers across various fields.

Her commitment to staying current ensures that her clients receive the most relevant and effective advice.

Irina’s expertise has been featured in top publications including Fortune, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Thrive Global, cementing her reputation as a leader in the field. She is dedicated to helping clients present their best selves to potential employers and achieve their career goals.

She currently lives in Florida with her husband and their British Shorthair cat, Leo, who serves as her enthusiastic office manager.

In her free time, she enjoys pilates, spending quality time with friends and family, and discovering new and delicious restaurants.

The Resumeology Difference

Why work with Irina over others offering the same thing?

  1. She’s worked inside the top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – like Taleo, Workday, Greenhouse and SmartRecruiters. When she’s creating your resume, she’s not just guessing and hoping it works – she knows it will be compliant with these systems.
  2. She was the busy recruiter who you’re hoping to impress – she knows how to make your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile work to your advantage.
  3. She’s worked inside LinkedIn Recruiter – the tool recruiters use to find candidates for opportunities so she knows how to optimize so they can find you at the top of their search results.
  4. She’s not using theory or a certification to help you – she relies on real life experience from companies with the strictest hiring practices to make you a top applicant.
  5. Most companies outsource their services overseas. Irina takes a lot of pride in her work and values her clients so all resumes are written by Irina herself!

Most resume writers and career coaches don’t have the skills or knowledge to offer this, but this is extremely important to you as a job seeker

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